Education Beyond Boundaries

The Founder’s Story

Omar Farooqui spent the best part of two decades living the life of an institutional banker covering Middle East, Africa and Asia. Having observed his father serve humanity in so many ways through his medical profession, Omar at the age of 40 felt unfulfilled. He found himself in need of rediscovering his sense of purpose and leave a legacy behind. He decided it was time to disrupt his life. This marked the beginning of Coded Minds journey which was to reinvent education globally. His family remain his core driving force.

The three years prior to the launch of Hope Academy, Omar travelled, researched and discovered the world of education through the lens of Coded Minds. He explored ways to bridge the gap between government and private education. He believes that reinventing education goes beyond content and is also determined by price point.

To Omar, Hope Academy is all about bringing education to the masses. It is an opportunity to start a movement and to dare explore undiscovered territory. All revolutions are about sacrifice and about a fierce drive to change. At Hope Academy we believe and deliver this.

Prior to Coded Minds his two previous ventures were Green Sands Equity out of San Francisco and Cap invest (latterly CI Holdings) while his corporate life was spread across local, regional as well as global financial institutions. As a coverage investment banker Omar’s global travels enriched his relationships across governments, sovereign wealth funds, corporates, family offices and other noted influencers across the globe.

Hope Academy is the avatar through which the culmination of Omar’s journey will reach its nadir.