Education Beyond Boundaries

Local Partners & Solutions

We have developed a network of local partners in all the countries to build and implement Hope communities, academies, and the overall ecosystem. Our partners are carefully selected for specific locations based on local factors.

The launch a Hope Academy in every city we expand, is an individual project in town own right due to its own unique challenges. Our on-ground teams constantly collaborate with our global team to implement and improvise Standard Operating Procedures of Hope Academy (SOPHA) becomes a major individual project in its’ own right.

Sustainability & Accountability

Our goal isn’t just to build Hope Academies globally, but to keep them sustainable. To do this, we invest in forming strong committees, partnering with local governments, and training local teachers. We don’t consider our task “complete” until there is local ownership with communities engaged and empowered to care for their own local Hope Academy.

While these methods are proving to be successful, we want to raise the bar of accountability even higher. We are developing a data collection app to monitor Hope classes and report data in real time. This enables us to detect deficiencies and minimizing disruption.